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We enjoy photographing maternities, newborns, children, families and high school seniors.



All correspondence with customers is to be made by phone, email or Facebook messaging; preferred contact is in-person or by phone. The studio is responsible for responding to customer’s inquiries within 24 hours dependent upon business hours and time of contact. Email and Facebook messaging inquiries are to be returned within 48 hours dependent upon business hours and time of contact.


Scheduling of portrait sessions are to only be made in-person at the customer’s consultation. Consultations may be scheduled in-person, by phone, email or Facebook messaging. Viewing appointments are to only be scheduled in-person or by phone. If the need arises to cancel or reschedule your portrait session please do so by phone at least 48 hours prior to your session time. If you or anyone being photographed, are feeling sick we do suggest rescheduling. Sick people generally do not enjoy being photographed and this will show in your portraits.


A consultation is required prior to scheduling a portrait session, however limited edition specials do not require a consultation. The consultation is time for us to design a session specifically for your needs, decide location and clothing options, as well as share our pricing guide with you.


We recommend arriving ten minutes prior to your scheduled session time as this allows you relax and become familiar with our studio. If you are running late please call our studio. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notification we will assume you are not coming and your session will be canceled as well as the pre-paid session fee will become void.


Many images are captured during your session. Afterwards, each image is put through a careful selection process. You will see only the images that meet the high standards of our studio. Images with eyes closed, unflattering poses and duplicate images are removed permanently after the studio completes this selection process. The selection process is entirely the right of the photographer and the part of the custom portrait process.


Following your portrait session we will schedule your viewing appointment. This is generally booked for one week after your scheduled session. At this appointment you will view all the proofs seen fit for presentation by the studio and place your initial order. Please keep in mind re-orders placed after 30 days following your initial order require a $25 archive retrieval fee.


If you are not a resident of Delta County you will have the option of viewing your proofs online. Approximately 7 days following your session your proofs will become available for you to view in an online, personal, password-protected gallery. You will be able to share the gallery information with family and friends, so they may place their own orders. Please remember that it is a violation of federal copyright law to copy, save or print the images within the gallery. The online gallery will be available for 14 days. There will be a $25 fee if you wish to have your gallery available for an additional 14 days.


Reve Portraits offers a variety of options when it comes to payment such as; cash, check, credit/debit card and payment plans. If you are not paying for your order in full the day of your viewing appointment; we require you to fill out our payment plan agreement which legally binds you to paying the balance prior to receiving any product. If you choose to pay by check without sufficient funds available at your financial institution, you will be charged a $25 returned check fee.


Prices are subject to change at anytime. The prices in affect at the time of your session will be valid for 30 days after your session.


For each new client referred to us, existing clients can earn print credits to use towards their next session. A $25 print credit is earned for each new client. There is no limit to the credit existing clients can earn.


Reshoots are offered at the discretion of the photographer only and will not incur an additional session fee. We do not offer to reshoot for unfortunate personal choices such as hair, clothing, etc.


If the studio cannot fulfill the terms stated in the Portrait Agreement, due to causes beyond the control of the parties involved, the client shall have no further liability in respect to the agreement. In the event that photographic materials are lost and damaged without fault on the part of either party, the limitation will also apply. In such cases Reve Portraits Ltd. is not liable.

The client releases Reve Portraits Ltd., and it’s employees from all liabilities, claims and damages that may result from any accidents or incidents that may occur during the session, except to the extent that the accident or incident is the direct cause of the photographer’s willful and careless conduct. Please see our reshoot policy.


Copyright for all images is the sole property of Reve Portraits Ltd. and protected by federal copyright law. It is illegal to copy, scan, print or reproduce these images in anyway without written permission from the photographer. This includes scanning or downloading images for the purposes of emailing or printing at home. Doing so may results in fines up to a $150,000.


The photographer has the exclusive right to make reproductions. The photographer shall only make reproductions for the client or use in the photographer’s portfolio, advertising, samples, website and display within or outside their studio. The photographer also has the right to enter these images into photographic competitions, art exhibitions or publications. No identifying names will will be given in connect with usage of any image. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances where you may wish for your images not to be used for any of these purposes. Please notice the studio if this is the case. No fees, royalties, or payment of any kind will be owed in connection with any usage made of any image captured or created by Reve Portraits Ltd.

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